About Yep Digital

I’m Ryan, a freelance web developer focused on designing, building and hosting websites for companies throughout Scotland. After working for the better part of 20 years in the north east design industry, I know what's needed to help companies build the best web solutions to fit their budget and technical requirements.

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  • Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland
  • Scottish Mountain Bike Tourism
  • The Garioch Partnership
  • Hiretech Rentals
  • BetaHR
  • Prosource IT
  • Diversity Energy
  • The Gaff
  • Bare — Sustainable Living
  • The Max Collective
  • Grampian Campervan Hire
  • Steer Energy
  • HayReid
  • Fraserburgh Engineering
  • Cloud3D Ltd
  • FortyTwo Studio
  • Halfpenny Animal Sanctuary


Tough question, I'm asked this often yet it never gets easier to answer. You could look at the price of a website like the price of a car, in other words it heavily depends on what you need, what you can afford and how soon you need the site. The more information you can provide to help me work out a figure the more accurate it will be.

Get in touch and I can work on a quote for you.

For the time being please email me and I'll share some recent work.

Unlike an agency I can't offer lots of different services, so I partner with some excellent north east freelancers who provide services in marketing, copywriting, social media, photography, software development, print design, brand development and probably a few other things. I think it's best I focus on what I love doing the most and get those who love doing what they do best involved when their expertise would benefit a project.

I'm a huge fan of Craft CMS when a content management system is required (usually), otherwise I'll build static sites with as simple a ”stack” as possible compiled with Node. On the frontend I use Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js and Twig whether it's a Craft or static build. These are the browsers I support by default.

Sunny Kintore in Aberdeenshire.

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